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Poster: Dark Moon Date: Jun 26, 2011 12:12pm
Forum: spiritualityandreligion Subject: Ms. Numbnuts?

Ms. Numbnuts?
Then some numbnuts will snottily inform me that i'm violating copyrights & trademarks

then i will cite fair use & satire

then mr numbnuts will cite the copyrite act of 76

then the Hulk will illegaly gueststar & take a green dump on his forehead, because its still my &&^%in comic book

Skybandit is reputed to be female...

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Poster: splue Date: Jun 26, 2011 12:41pm
Forum: spiritualityandreligion Subject: Re: Ms. Numbnuts?

;D no no i meant mr numbnuts from Dizney cos they bot Marvel

im so lookin forward 2 "Chip & Dale Own Hulk's Nuts" coming in 2013